Here at LPC, we truly believe:
Whoever you are, there's a place for you here. We are Republican and Democrat. Single parents, blended families, parents of transgendered children. High School graduates and astrophysicists. New to the country or life-long residents. All races and nationalities.
But mostly, we are:
Worries and believers, doubters and skeptics and faithful, All longing for a deeper spiritual life, in Christ. Indeed, whoever you are, there's a place for you here. And here's a snapshot of our congregation: We had over a dozen children & babies in worship last Sunday. We were 30% multi-cultural, 70% white last Sunday. We had several first-time visitors, including a man from Jamaica (Patrick), and a young family - Nellie & Raymond, with a little baby, Blake. This past Saturday, we had a dozen people help with the music and the refreshments for Mickie's memorial service. Because of last Sunday's communion offering, we have more than $450 to give to Bienvenu Kulungu's work providing health centers in the DRC. We are about to welcome a new resident into our transitional shelter. Two Sundays ago, a man visited for the first time, then dropped off well over $100 of groceries in the week for us to give to LARS. Mary (who took vacation time to chaperone our Senior High Youth on a decidedly less than inspiring mission trip - a true sign of service) commented on how impressive our youth are - She said she always knew LPC youth were special, but when she saw them with their peers, she was blown away by their faith & maturity & willingness to serve.We may not be the biggest, flashiest, richest, most mission-driven, most advocacy and social justice committed, most entertaining. But at the end of the day, I don't believe those are God's criteria for the living Body of Christ. May we continue to "bloom where we are planted," with all the resources and gifts we've been given, that we may share the love of Christ with a world in need, in all the ways LPC is uniquely qualified to do so.